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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the futuregadgetlab.cc moderators.

  1. Follow the human rights http://www.ohchr.org/EN/UDHR/Documents/UDHR_Translations/eng.pdf
  2. - Boosting will be treated the same as posting that content. Only boost stuff that is not against the rules.
  3. - When interacting with other instances, you must follow our rules as well as the other instances rules.
  4. - We won't support hateful speech or harassment on this instance, therefore it is forbidden.
  5. - We support freedom of expression for everybody. Don't be disrespectful, regardless of your political views. However, freedom of expression has limits.
  6. - Discrimination is not allowed. It does not matter whether you discriminate a majority or a minority or a single person.
  7. Don't upload anything illegal / you haven't got rights on it, if anything illegal came from here, contact a member of staff or use the report button.
  8. - Before clicking the report button, keep in mind that we can't fully take action when it comes to posts from outside of the instance, however your report can be sent anonymously to the original instance.
  9. You must not upload anything illegal or material that you don't have the licence/copyright for.
  10. With illegal, we mean: Content that is against any laws of Germany or the European Union.
  11. You must not upload any form of pornography.
  12. Always credit the artists of the art you post.
  13. Other NSFW (that is not pornographic) material must be posted hidden using the spoiler button.