irys_en: @tokino_sora こちらこそ呼んでくれてありがとうございます!!先輩のダンスも歌も本当に輝いてました🥰またぜひ呼んでください💕

irys_en: Thank you so much for the get well wishes everyone😭✨💕 i feel full of hope🥰

irys_en: RT @kirousumika: HIRyS! We IRyStocrats gathered and had a collaboration in aggie to wish you a speedy recovery. We appreciate everything th…

takanashikiara: @lordoblivion_ Yeah it's looking bad lol but could still change 😅 otherwise we can stream I guess 😅

moricalliope: RT @GigaMozuku: ✨┣¨キ┣¨キ*✨

moricalliope: 『MERA MERA』☆MV☆

Mori Calliope x Giga

0:00 JST || 8:00 PDT || 16:00 GMT…

takanashikiara: Got out of massage → STORM RAIN RAGE ALL OF IT

takanashikiara: @HokanKFP Omg I forgot that existed hahaha

takanashikiara: Omg so cool🥰🤣
Thanks guys for enjoying the collab with valkyrie connect! 😍😍💗

takanashikiara: RT @KFP_hatmo: I just found a Sparks Reference ! Tenchou's voiceline are absolutely divine and exquisite !!!

takanashikiara: @pavoliareine Looking so cuuuute im glad it fits 🥺💗

takanashikiara: RT @pavoliareine: Wearing the dirndl Kiawa gave me 🥺🥺

hololive_en: [📺Official Video📺]
Must-see for workers!🧐

Ms. A-chan gives us a fun course in business language.👩‍🏫

Wanna learn b…

hololive_en: [Today's choice]
9pm Pekora👯‍♀️La+🛸💜
9pm Iofi🎨Zeta📜
10pm Mel🌟Koyori🧪
10pm Stooges Circus🌽🔥🐏🎪
11pm SubaCho…

takanashikiara: RT @vconnect_en: @usadapekora @LaplusDarknesss @takanashikiara @ninomaeinanis (1/2)

What is the "Connect Your Wish" part of the event? Pla…

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