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> proof that the screen is a black scrying mirror
> its made up of a couple of layers of glass and some other materials

:blobcatfacepalm: what a genius
:meowlaugh: now he thinks real wizards are running the computer too because installers are sometimes called wizards.
:meowLul: according to him, we send real demons across the ether (hence the term ethernet) to communicate with each other

oh please, this has to be a parody. he can't be serious about this..
> your computer is run by evil demons
> look at all the things when you search for daemon on your computer
> so real demons are running your computer
> therefore computers are evil

:meowFacepalm: thats the dumbest shit i ever heard...
hello fediverse

I did a public dashboard to check instances health. It adds transparency to instances that want to be.
It also allows to monitor to check health. You can watch it with the link below.

If you want your instance to be add just ping me and I'll add it.
(you have to enable prometheus endpoint)

Have fun 📈 👀

Hab das #gigatron fertig. It doesn't get nerdier.

Eine aus TTL-Logikgattern aufgebaute 8bit Risc-Maschine in Harvard-Architektur, auf der eine 16bit vCPU in Neumann-Architektur emuliert wird. Das ganze läuft auf 6.25Mhz, 32kB RAM mit Sound und VGA-Ausgabe. Basic läuft auch. Aber das coolste: Man kann auf einem Blatt Papier nachvollziehen wie es funktioniert und das sich dann mit dem Oszi anschauen.

Ich denke wir machen einen kleinen Vortrag zum #rC3 dazu.

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