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Reminder that Japanese autism will never be surpassed.
Just when you think they're falling behind, no. That's them saving their energy for later.
This is how Bernie can still become president of the European Commission

Here's the preview to Evangelion 3.0+1.0 (the soon to come Evangelion 4.0) shown at Japan Expo in Paris. It's the first 10 minutes of the movie. 

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Hihihi, Peter Altmaier hat seinen außergewöhnlich präzisen & aussagekräftigen Tweet dann doch lieber wieder gelöscht... Smiley!

*facebook is down*
*instagram is down*
*whatsapp is down*

me: excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about decentralization?

"This instrument deafens fascists." Bela B. form Die Ärzte
Rock am Ring 2019

@frosch @igeljaeger @fence @foxhkron @lain @lucy @rick @snacks @snacks Wir könnten den #GerMonday einführen. Montags schreibt einfach jeder nur in Deutsch.
dear valued customer,

we appreciate you for buying our software, we really do. thank you for giving us your hard earned money and letting us stay afloat all these years.

however, our analysts have decided that we are not making enough money. faced with this exact situation, any normal company would be forced to innovate in such a market. after all, it's the customers keeping the company afloat, not the other way around.

thus, we are incredibly sorry to announce that we are discounting our old products. they may work perfectly fine on your machines, but they don't work fine for our bottom line. and since we sold you the right to use our product, not the actual product itself, we can legally force you to stop using it.

please upgrade to the latest versions of our products. by upgrading, you let us make the money we are missing out on. yes, we know, this is very shady. we might even get sued for this. but you know what? we don't give a single shit about you. where are you gonna go? you're gonna use gimp? get the fuck outta here.

enclosed are ways to easily buy the cc subscription for your company. let's be honest, our lawyers will sue the shit out of you if you don't follow the instructions in this email, so pick up your credit card and buy the god damned subscription.

eat shit and die,
the adobe team.

It's out, people! Spice and Wolf VR, the game where you can headpat your favourite waifu in addition to playing the story of the game.

#linux #windows

Do svidaniya Windows: Russisches Militär kann komplett auf Astra Linux umsteigen

Das in Russland entwickelte Astra Linux auf Debian-Basis erfüllt die höchste Sicherheitsstufe für russische Militärs und könnte bald Windows ablösen.

Do svidaniya Windows: Russisches Militär kann komplett auf Astra Linux umsteigen | heise online

@patrickbreyer Wissen unsere tschechischen Piraten-MdEP's schon vom Fediverse, und falls ja, unter welchen Nicknamen kann man ihnen folgen?

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