The New Game+ Expo looks promising. We'll see some game announcements (maybe for the PS5? Just a guess)
Spike Chunsoft will participate. And they have promised exciting news to be released there. They have officially announced the Re:Zero game, which has been leaked on Amazon UK, that means, their announcements will likely be about a different game/franchise.
Will it be from the Science Adventure Franchise? ChäoS;HEAd NoAH english?

Information about Event here:

It's out, people! Spice and Wolf VR, the game where you can headpat your favourite waifu in addition to playing the story of the game.

The Day of the DaSH – livestreaming Science Adventure Visual Novels

Hey everybody! I had an idea recently and am making it real. Friday, the 1st of February. The Day of the DaSH (name subject to change) On that day, we'll raise awareness for Science Adventure through and on livestreaming platforms. Focus is to get people hy

;Head ;Notes

looks like i've ventured a lot ouside my typical power & folk metal style of music lately. Been a good venture so far! :)


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