Malicious Python libraries stealing OpenPGP and SSH keys:

– Look for python3-dateutil, and jeIlyfish.
– Both modules try to exfiltrate SSH/OpenPGP keys and send them to an IP address.
– This is the third time the PyPI team intervenes to remove typo-squatted malicious Python libraries from the official repository.

#python #malware #pypi #infosec #security #cybersecurity


@KaitoCross all software is now in rust

bugs are a thing of the past

now all we got are crabs

New emojis added:
:maedaxSmile: :maedaxCloseEye: :maedaxDisgust: for all Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Fans

Watch via livestream our event on the future Internet Regulation in the @europarl_EN where we will discuss the upcoming reform of the E-commerce Directive, the #DigitalServicesAct:

What operating systems do you use?

My best friend got introduced into JJBA and he loves it.
I havent watched any.

MUCC does great music
That Tsubasa wo Kudasai (as known from Evangelion 2.22 OST) cover is 👍

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