Would you replace your existing internet provider with a community-based ISP, assuming that you'd (at the very least) keep the same speed? If so/not, why?


Making AI’s out of Steins;Gate characters

In the past couple of days and weeks, I've been working on a project to make Steins;Gate characters come to life through AI - the usage of certain machine learning programs. So far, I've looked into GPT-2 (AI to generate somewhat coherent text)


#0 -2 ;Gate

Still looking for someone to help transport a 7HE switch from Gothenburg (SE) to somewhere in Germany. Maybe someone travelling to #camp2019 or #36c3? Would pick up anywhere in Germany though.

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When you buy a 1TB Hard Drive from China, only to get screwed..

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Die YouTubers Union, eine Organisation für Videoschaffende, hat sich mit der IG Metall zusammengeschlossen.

absolutely me
also, Railgun and Index on Netflix in EU <3

Bitte keine kruden Thesen und rechtspopulistimus, fedi bleibt antifa
Reminder that Japanese autism will never be surpassed.
Just when you think they're falling behind, no. That's them saving their energy for later.
This is how Bernie can still become president of the European Commission

Here's the preview to Evangelion 3.0+1.0 (the soon to come Evangelion 4.0) shown at Japan Expo in Paris. It's the first 10 minutes of the movie. Show more

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Hihihi, Peter Altmaier hat seinen außergewöhnlich präzisen & aussagekräftigen Tweet dann doch lieber wieder gelöscht... Smiley!

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