Vor ein paar Tagen der Aufreger: "Zoom-App für iOS reicht Daten heimlich an Facebook weiter".

Bei der Video-App "Houseparty" ist es auf Android nicht anders. 🤦‍♂️

Bin gerade am Analysieren...

I'm livestreaming the Steins;Gate visual novel on twitch.tv/kaitocross>now. I'm in chapter 8.
Feel free to join the reading session :)
(I will not read the lines out loud, I will comment on the game instead.)

Embarassing: EU parliament moves to email voting 🤦. An expert believes it's ok for votes on public record. Russians will love this opportunity to erode trust in western democracy.

RT @TechCrunch@twitter.com

EU parliament moves to email voting during COVID-19 tcrn.ch/33EBif2 by @riptari@twitter.com

Today will be my first time playing a Pen & Paper roleplaying game :)
The Dark Eye - Das schwarze Auge
I'm really curious how today's adventure will turn out

Mir wurde gerade "Fangs" von Sarah Andersen gezeigt und ich bin sehr amüsiert und begeistert von der Liebesgeschichte einer Vampirin und Werwolfs 😍



I'm back livestreaming the Chäos;HEAd on today in about 5 minutes. I'll continue playing chapter 10! I'll be playing it until I reach the AA end (and depending on the time, may do the A End as well)
As always, the unvoiced lines will be read out loud for you.

You can watch the stream on:

Twitch: twitch.tv/kaitocross

Wahlen vom Papier in die digitale Welt bewegen? Vorwahl der US-Demokraten zeigt nun erneut überdeutlich, warum das nicht funktioniert stern.de/digital/online/digita

We prepared a white paper for the #EuropeanCommission containing recommendations about #OpenHardware as encouraged last November:


Please discuss it or endorse it by replying to this thread.
The paper will be delivered on January 31.

A first draft was shared in December with:

* april.org @aprilorg
* fsfe.org @fsfe
* fsf.org @fsf
* Aral Balkan @aral
* waag.org @waag
* sfconservancy.org @conservancy
* gpl-violations.org
* commonsnetwork.eu

I think I managed to get from Debian 9 to Debian 10 without breaking anything...

But I'm afraid to reboot. :froorf:

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