Gute Neuigkeiten rund um das Science Adventure Franchise!
ChäoS;HEAd NoAH & ChäoS;Child werden auf der Nintendo Switch wiederveröffentlicht

Wir haben die Hildmann-Chroniken des Anonymous Kollektivs erneut geöffnet - um am finalen Kapitel über Attila zu schreiben.

Wir haben seine Mails, Domains, TG-Kanäle - und wir waren nicht allein.

#OpTinfoil #Hildmann #AttilaHildmann


Who's your favorite?


Danish diagrams that look like shitposts

So, which Audacity fork should I run on my Steam Deck?

Great news! US is headed towards stopping tech corporations from forcing their customers to do repairs in "authorized" repair shops (where they are charged exorbitant prices, served poorly or forced to buy new), and make it possible for people to repair their own stuff.
This is great news, and Louis Rossmann has been fighting for this for 7 years.
#RightToRepair #LouisRossmann #Freedom #AntiMonopoly #Apple

Weshalb setzen Unternehmen eigentlich lieber auf die Angebote von MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom und Co.? Es gibt datenschutzunbedenkliche Lösungen wie BigBlueButton oder Jitsi Meet, die von Anbietern direkt in Deutschland gehostet werden.

>hackers attack gas pipelines
>hackers breach meat processing plant

The electric car driving vegans must feel pretty safe from all this

Wer sich über die Genderstern*in aufregt, hat nen kleinen Pimmel.

The Belarus plane hijack is a small reminder why it's generally not a good idea to let governments know who is going to where. I'm not sure why governments that like to think of themselves as democratic don't see the risks.

But, oh well, all in the name of (post-9/11) safety, I guess?

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